Snow Place Like Home!

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January 30, 2015 by Jake

Greetings Gamers! Tuesday was a snow day off from work which meant more time to spend with Megan and of course play a board game. I finished reading the graphic novel Bone, drank hot cocoa, took a look at the winter landscape, ran away from landscape back into the house, and learned to use a sewing machine to help Meg with a gaming related project (we shall cover this in a later post).

Meagn and her mom's horse Jack in the snow on Wednesday

Megan and her mom’s horse Jack in the snow on Wednesday

I was incredibly lucky to not have much point in shoveling while the blizzard continued to bury us. A little path for Ruby to do her biz in and clearing the snow out of the doorway before I dashed back inside for more relaxing. There was plenty of time for gaming, so Megan and I decided to delve a little into one of my Hanukkah presents.

All set up and ready to begin.

All set up and ready to begin.

Imperial Settlers was fun and I definitely would try two player again. I was Japanese and attempted to farm victory points with specialized buildings all game, while Megan’s Barbarians slowly traded up for more and more valuable buildings that slowly began to crawl across the bottom of the table (see the pictures of turns 4 and 5). It wasn’t a very close game and she came ahead by 10 points. She began Razing my poor little Daimyo Castles so fast that I couldn’t even throw Samurai into her path. Megan liked the game as well, but thinks she would have preferred more players at the table. One thing to keep in mind when playing some games is how much table space they take up, there is no way we could have crammed four Imperial Settlers tableaus at our kitchen table.

End of round 4, starting to run out of space... must get bigger table

End of round 4, starting to run out of space… must get bigger table

We were fortunate to be in an area that didn’t lose any power, but even if we had that wouldn’t have put a damper on the challenge. One of my favorite selling points of gaming is how there is no electricity needed, not having to stare at a screen and being able to really connect with the person or people at the table. What are some of your favorite snowed in moments? Have you ever played games in extreme weather? Leave us a comment and don’t forget to follow us. Look for the another post next week.

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