End of February Update


February 24, 2015 by Jake

Greetings gamers! Here in New England we continually are getting pounded by snow, but Daylight Savings Time is surely approaching, and after that the dream of Spring. More snow and frozen roads are more excuses to stay inside with good company, hot beverages, and handfuls of dice!

Last weekend I taught Megan how to play City of Thieves. Her blue gang scored 64 points after stealing a Treasure Chest from my yellow gang and crippling my movement with “Niggling Injury.” She later rolled a 6 for that treasure chest, filling it up to maximum value and beating me by four measly points! We played the 1st Scenario “The Duke’s Treasure,” but due to the lazy militia that night we never bothered raiding the treasury.

I really enjoyed teaching Meg the game and its always amazing when the pivotal victory can be traced back to one defining moment. In this case her narrowly jacking my treasure chest and then rolling it full of coins during the end game scoring. Megan liked the game and agreed to play again, although she commented that the art layout could be a little clearer. It had been over a year since I had played this game and I was reminded how fun it was, I’m glad I put it on my list this year. Which brings us to …

The End of February Challenge Update 15% Complete

Small World: 2/10
King of New York: 5/10
Dungeons and Dragons Adventure System: 0/10 (Tim and I had scheduled a play of this, but had to take a rain check)
Super Dungeon Explore: 0/10 (The Kickstarter still hasn’t shipped yet)
Smash Up!: 2/10
Imperial Settlers: 2/10
Dixit: 1/10
Cadwallon: City of Thieves: 1/10
Guilds of Cadwallon: 2/10
The Lord of the Rings The Card Game: 0/10
Alternate – Sushi Go!: 1/10

Game Night with Mom and Dad

This Saturday we went to play a few games with my mom and dad while snow continued to cover our roads and cars. I introduced them to King of New York and it was a smashing success. I started my spiel on how to play the game, but after Megan started snoring I decided there was no such thing as Kaiju Training School and taught the game on the fly. I took the first play through victory points and my step mother immediately declared we play again. The second game was much grittier with the retractable claws popping out. One of the highlights was Megan and I assuring my Pa that buying the Diva card was a good investment since it would be difficult for another player to roll four stars in a row, then me immediately picking up the dice and rolling five stars. The game ended with an epic standoff between my stepmother and myself. I ended my turn 3 points shy of victory, with half my health, and I had wiped out my wife and father with a single stroke. I confidently passed the dice to the remainder of my competition, assured that the Big Apple would soon be mine. My mom looked me in the eye and rolled an inconceivable Five Claw Attack with only a single re-roll! I had done all the dirty work and she took me down when she was nowhere close to victory, a titanic turn-around indeed!


Kickstarter Watch: “Play Me” Alice in Wonderdice

I will end with a little plug for a really good looking kickstarter game; Play Me Alice in Wonderdice. If I were buying games this year, this would already be purchased! Colorful dice, easy to learn, and with a theme just abstract enough to work – I could see this game seeing several plays during lunch breaks at work. When the game finally sees a retail release and gets some review coverage I will definitely look into it next year. The price point might be a little steep, but it includes foreign shipping, which is a plus.

Next week is game night with some friends! I can see a massive six player KoNY shakedown, perhaps some Dixit, and for many of us the first vulgar taste of Cards Against Humanity! Shuffle your decks and shake your dice!

One thought on “End of February Update

  1. Terri says:

    Great night of gaming, good food, even better company. Seriously, let’s do it again….soon! (OvO)


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