Three Down, Seven Left – Happy August

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August 2, 2015 by Jake

Kaboom! Last update I revealed that I knocked Small World off of my challenge list and this past week I completed both my tenth plays of King of New York and Smash Up! Wednesday I taught my co-worker Bob how to play Smash Up after work and he managed to beat me down twice in a row. Later that weekend I taught my brother to teach King of New York with my dad, who won a very grizzly game full of close calls. I am narrowing my list down slowly, but even though I am over the hill I will have to bring some games to more diverse groups of people to get more plays in.

Today we celebrated GenCan’t at our friends’ house with another couple. The six of us usually indulge in games of Cards Against Humanity, Dixit, and Apples to Apples. It can be difficult to find other games that actually accommodate six players, almost everything in my collection is two to five. Nick brought three of the CAH expansions and they had me laughing in abundant disgust and delightful horror. The second set of cards in particular was pretty incredible and I think it may have to find its way into Megan’s stocking this Christmas.

We cracked out the One Night Ultimate Werewolf to teach Ashley how to play, but she had way more fun watching the game. The game itself makes a fine spectator sport and can be highly entertaining, like watching a crime drama and seeing the hapless investigators pass by the perp when you really know the truth. It really got me excited to play more Werewolf again with some more players and complex role combinations. The newest game in the One Night Series is coming out this year and from what previews I have seen it will add more layers of depth to an already addictive, puzzling game. One Night is literally a game that I have played over a hundred times, and have always dreamed of getting a decent sized group of fellow thralls together.

Right now is one of the most exciting times to be a board gamer as companies release news of games that will be out in the future. There are new expansions and games popping up on the radar constantly. While it can be hard to stay tough to my vow not purchase any new games, it has put such a high value on teaching stuff in my collection to new people and learning other people’s favorites.

Speaking of teaching games, right now is the fundraiser for one of the amazing personalities that really got me into modern board gaming. I can still remember watching Rodney Smith from Watch It Played teaching the game of Small World and playing on screen with his kids. He has a sort of relaxed and patient attitude and has excellent timing with his YouTube teaching video series. I always recommend people I am going to introduce a new game to watch his videos first. He is a guy who started in his basement teaching games in front of a green screen and has become a communal celebrity. I wholeheartedly support his next season and encourage you to check out his work and do the same if you agree.

Until next weekend Renfelds. I launched a new Twitter Account and really enjoy the quick little news updates, it almost makes it worth almost jumping out of my skin when I forget about the little tweet sound my phone emits. Follow Meg, Ruby, myself, and all our friends @OnePluckyToken

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