Writer’s Block and I don’t have Trample

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September 2, 2015 by Jake

A lot of exciting game related events and visitry went on these past two weeks, but for some reason all weekend I simply couldn’t find the UUMPH to put the fingers to keyboard. I do owe it to myself to at least catalog the shenanigans and high-jinks because I really did have a great time gaming with friends and family.

Saturday my good buddy Greg came over with his wife and friend (two people for clarity, but I’m pretty sure he is friendly with his wife). We tried a game he found for a bargain called A Dog’s Life which was at least 14 years old. The game simulated the life of a stray dog who spends their days getting into fights, begging at restaurants, escaping the pound, peeing on sidewalks, and eating trash. Actually if the theme were stripped away it could be a game simulating the behavior of a bar hopping drunk. The game wasn’t too bad and had these totes adorabs doggy figurines.

Each dog has a unique ability that separates it from the pack, Fido for example can move further than average and smokes a pipe.

We also introduced Chuck to King of New York which he won with gusto. We played a big game of Dixit and closed the night by introducing Megan to Carcassonne, which of course she loved and suggested adding to our collection. I hadn’t played the game in nearly eight years, but still loved the nostalgic feeling paired with a solid Euro.

Is it normal to name your cities as you build them in Carcassonne? Butterfly Town, Peanutsburg, Jaykopolis, and Quittersville were featured here.

On Sunday I drove down to Danvers to Toys N Things to meet up with some of my favorite gaming buddies in the world to send off our good buddy Joe. Pat, another awesome friend brought a new game called In the City and the three of us played it together. It was a really solid card game that involved recruiting followers to access more funds and accrue power. I will do a full write up about it this month because I think the game has potential and should be re-printed by a bigger company. A group of six of us all got together for several epic rounds of One Night Ultimate Werewolf. I taught the whole group how to play and we hashed out many games and tried out a huge number of roles. When teaching One Night to a group that is enthusiastic about new roles, be sure to avoid making the game too complex or introducing more than one new role at a time. We closed the night with a game of CO2, which I came in last, but not as far behind as I thought I would be.

CO2 is a complex euro game where all the pieces interlock tightly and leave little room for dalliance.

A week later Megan and I went to Diversions for her first time so she could get to try Five Tribes for herself. I really wanted Megan’s opinion on this game as it was very difficult to attain last year, but a vastly successful Euro Game from the same publisher as Small World. She loved the game’s numerous movement possibilities from the Mancala-like game mechanic. She beat me handily by investing in the Merchant Tribe’s trade good collection, her highest set of goods beat me out by 35 points. She said the game was her third favorite of all time and we decided to try and add it to our collection sometime next year.

A flush of colorful components, Days of Wonder doesn’t just make them fun, it makes games look good!

The meeple is strong with this one.

That’s all I have for now. I have my topics all set out for the rest of the month, its just a matter of sitting down and writing. Do you ever struggle with trying to put out creative content or expressing yourself? Do some topics rattle around in your mind for months without being heard? What are some of the methods you find help in these cases? In the next two posts I will be revealing an awesome surprise and doing a game review of In the City the order of which I can’t be sure yet. Until next week my friends, keep your genies in their bottles and never turn your back on the green meeples.

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