Legen … wait for it …


November 4, 2015 by Jake

No seriously they are asking you to wait for it.

Happy Novem everybody! I have a lot of things to talk about, but I am going to try and compress it down like Mike Teevee after not listening to a crazed candy maker.

Firstly, a 10 Games 10 Plays Update!

Megan and I power gamed through four sessions of Guilds of Cadwallon this weekend while house sitting. Meg really isn’t a big fan of the Action Cards in the game so I tried a variant of my own devising where I only left two in the deck and shuffled in a 5th set of Guild cards (rather than the usual seven Action cards). This made the made the game a more interesting struggle for the fifth tie breaker guild and made the turns go more smoothly without the brain burning seemingly infinite possibility nuances the more complex Actions usually provide. I’m out of breath from that run-on sentence! For our fourth and final game we doubled the deck size and each played with double agents on a four by four large grid. This turned out to be quite exciting while oddly not making the game much longer, I expected it to be double the length, but it was hardly that. She crushed me 235 to 182 as we vied for the influence of eight different Guilds.

We drew the New Guilds Founded card, which actually rewarded Megan for not using any of her Action cards, here on the table lie the spoils of our struggle for Cadwallon.

So for my 100 games this year I have only 20 left, they are:

Forbidden Desert: 3 plays, this will be easy, even though Megan and I find the game very relaxing as a pair, we want to play it with a few more people, so I will bring it around to Thanksgiving and hopefully a few friends’ houses for an epic finale.

Lord of the Rings Living Card Game: 4 plays, while pops and I finally completed the first Adventure Cycle and brought Gollum into custody, we felt some of our plays through the quests were too easy or lucky. If we don’t find time to crank out four more quests I intend to try two-handed playing through the Hobbit Over Hill and Under Hill box Megan purchased me two years ago, either way, nothing to fret over Mr. Frodo.

Super Dungeon Explore: 3 plays, I really am coming around on the Arcade Mode for this game. I am standing by my opinion that even though 2nd Edition fixed most of the problems this game had, it didn’t make the game any shorter. This is a game I love playing solo and don’t mind throwing a weekend afternoon for. It is worth it, and if I can teach it to a few friends one more time this year and have a good time it will be well worth my investment.

Dixit OR Sushi Go!: 6 plays, I really overrated how frequently I get Dixit to the table. It is still a great game and Meg and I still pine for more surreal card art, but whenever it came to an outing with us, we tended to choose almost anything else. I can’t really say why, perhaps it is because the game is a no go with 3 or fewer people, or it just doesn’t scream “Play me twice in a row!” like it used to? The more likely outcome than playing Dixit six times in two months is getting Sushi Go! to the table. As an alternate on the list Sushi Go! is just more accessible, I may even take it to work and teach a few friends to play it. Knock on wood.

Lastly, Cadwallon City of Thieves: 4 plays, we come to it at last, not a great hurdle by any means, but not the most popular game in the pile. Meg and I played this one-on-one a few times, and the struggle that comes from too many consecutive bad die rolls is real. There might be just too much luck and not enough strategy involved with this game, but that doesn’t make it unplayable. I think the game just needs some more booze and lower stakes. I intend to roll this out for some of my guy friends who won’t be soured by an epic fail or heart-broken when sound strategy tanks through the floor boards.

Whew, 20 games left and I can see the finish line. I am going to finish this list if it keels me! On to the next subject … *dash* Time saving hint, if you care nothing about the business model or gaming experience of Super Dungeon Explore, the post ends here. Get a glass of water and go to bed. I will be up to read Anna Bear’s First Winter in ten minutes, don’t forget to brush your teeth. ❤

… dary!

Super Dungeon Explore has a new campaign mode coming out! The news articles and project description promises the opportunity to level up characters and monsters, alter your games with adventures and new modules, and even add role playing and non-combat elements to this already peculiar, yet lovable fantasy setting. Last month Soda Pop and Ninja Division launched a kickstarter for what promises to be a glut of new models including a box for a new Legends system and more diversified game play. The pledge levels vary from a Digital Edition, a cheaper starter box than Forgotten King with new sculpts of the 1st Edition core box, and a bundle for those who want a physical copy of the Legends box and tons of new minis at $150. I think the sculpts and variety in monsters and settings they are offering are nothing new or head turning (Dark Elves, Orcs, Town Guards) but I really like their take on these classic fantasy tropes and cannot deny the epic bravado these sculpts contain …

Midnight Tower Models

Loving the Hearthsworn Tincan on the right with that sizable war mattock/hammer/thingy.

Frostbyte Ravager Warband Models

These exceptional ice blue orcs give me the chills!

While my initial response to the campaign was negative I have come to terms with a good deal of their business model. Firstly, I was chagrined that if I wanted a physical flesh and blood (plastic and card board?) copy of the actual expansion advertised in the title, I would have to double down and spend $150 on pounds of new models. Don’t get me wrong, this is a great monetary deal (quick calculation saves you over $70 before the insane quantity of FREE stretch goals they provide) and for a completionist a total no-brainer, but from my point of view a little excessive. Not every gamer or collector wants to buy expansions in this Costco magnitude. I like to drop a little cash on expansions, maybe one or two a year per game, and keep them separated on the calendar, really see how the game changes with each new addition. I choose to sip my expansions like a fine wine, let them breathe a little. As is I already have enough Super Dungeon miniatures to fill three different dungeons, why rush to buy more? This hefty bundle is too ludicrous for my wallet.

Then I was apprehensive about the digital version, I was afraid that without the shiny dice or tiles offered by the box I would be buying a gimped product, and would have to spend twice that amount paid already on a physical copy inevitably. The way Soda Pop explains the digital version is that rather than 500+ cards and laminated character boards, the digital product offers skill compendiums, conversion tables, and printable character sheets like the RPG’s I am used to playing with. This sings to me sonatas of efficiency and operas of organization! If I was given the choice between cycling and reshuffling hundreds of cards, or just erasing something on a piece of paper, the single character sheet and trusty no. 2 takes trump every time. I can’t imagine having to remember which character had what, and worrying about the condition of these cards when teaching kids to play. Mountain Dew Code Red on your Riftling Rogue Brayden? Let’s go print up another toot sweet. If I can get the same RPG Board Game experience in a smaller carbon footprint, that’s how I prefer to roll! However when worded in their description, it sounds like the digital copy is best used as a space holder until the actual product comes out, so does it have an expiration date? I emailed the company about my concerns and am waiting for a reply, if I receive one I will edit this post.

*Edit November 11th* I just got the email this morning and Soda Pop Miniatures assures me that the digital version can do everything the physical product can do and that they wouldn’t sell a product if it wasn’t functional as a standalone item.

Finally and I am glad because this post is getting heavy, there is the time line for receiving this purchase. The projected delivery and fulfillment date for this product is December 2016, that’s 14 months away people! That is an awful long time to wait for a pre-order in my point of view. I could have a new job, new address, even be a father by then! I will step back and breath as present Jake catches his breath in the great magnitude of Fate and Destiny and his insignificant space in our vast universe. The bright side is that there are plans for an open Beta and instant access to the digital product as soon as it is available. Super Dungeon is great with posting news updates on a regular schedule for its Kickstarter Backers and I see no reason why this project would be any different. The campaign ends in a week and hopefully this plug will guide you to the decision that is best for you.

In the great words of Forest Gump, “That’s all I have to say about that.” Thanks for listening everyone, tighten your belts and get ready for the great tide of Festivus that is soon to wash over us!

Question of the Week: What is the most expensive Kickstarter Pledge or big box game you have added to your collection?

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2 thoughts on “Legen … wait for it …

  1. patrickjmaguire says:

    I dropped 300 dollars for the Guide to Glorantha campaign. No regrets, they are absolutely beautiful books. Wish I got more use out of them but they are gorgeous and fun to pick up and read every once in a while.


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