6 Years of Ruby


November 12, 2015 by Jake

This week’s post isn’t very board gamey, but Meg brought up something from her Face Book timeline. She has owned Ruby, our dog for 6 years to the day! To get sentimental for a minute; a lot of animals have walked over me while I’ve sorted cards on the living room floor, but this one is so close to my heart. She is still happy and healthy and a vital part of our family. We love you Ruby!

From a scrawny, sickly critter hiding in some towels, to a healthy little sausage watching squirrels and birds out our window.

I don’t have much to say on Board Gaming news, I played a game of Super Dungeon Explore and found an amazing combo for the Sister of Light. The Pumpkin Patch minions got their first 2nd Edition test drive and they were no joke. Turning heroes into frogs strips them of all their core defensive stats and makes them easily crushed by even the lowliest foes. The game came down to a last ditch effort by the only surviving hero being exactly the right distance away from the boss and winning four consecutive attack rolls. Only 19 games left!

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Possibly one of my favorite new heroes. The extra STR dice combined with an extra action and Massive Damage earned this nun the nick name, “Steam Roller of Christ.”

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These damned skeletons are such a nuisance. They aren’t particularly brutal in combat, but shuffling their “Bone Pile” tokens around really bogs down the game.

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Skeletons and a succubus at their backs, witches and a giant spider closing in, the next few turns are about to get very tense for our companions!

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