Poogly, I am your Dada


January 7, 2020 by Jake

Well it looks like I haven’t posted anything on this website since 2017, which means over two years passed by without me writing about board games or anything like that. So what have I been up to? Oh you know, stuff …


This is Lucas Harlan. He was born a whole month early (nearly a year ago from writing this) amidst anxiety, hope, love, and typical New England poor driving conditions. Born with a big cabeza filled with curiosity and as we soon found out, sweet baby giggles and beautiful hazel eyes.


Finger painting, mess free version.

Megan took to being a mom with aplomb and I am still astounded with how much alacrity she runs our house and keeps this needy little goblin healthy. She has made huge strides and sacrifices where I imagine if our roles were reversed I would have lost hope and pursued an easier alternative to some of Luke’s special health and dietary needs. Despite having a healthy appetite for awhile Luke had a disposition towards dairy of any kind. In spite of this he has grown to be a miniature baby tank, hellbent on walking after mastering the climb and crawl.


Our Boston Terrier Tilly was smitten with him since the day we brought him home. I think they will grow up together as best friends. Luke also is very friendly with our other dog Ruby and our feline Toby.


Luke has an easy temperament with horses, perhaps these things are hereditary?

Luke has a bubbly and enthusiastic personality, and does much better in large crowds than I do. While he can be very cranky and clingy some days, he is often a little ham who is always friendly to total strangers and in large social gatherings.


Happy, handsome, and hammy.


The dogs have figured out Luke is much less miserly when it comes to handouts.

I don’t know if Luke will like board games, horses, fantasy literature, or perhaps one of the various sports-balls out there, but it doesn’t matter, I may be one of his biggest fans already. I wanted to maintain a little bit of the gaming flavor of this site. This photo was taken one of the first nights we brought him home, after family had left and a new mom had gone to get some much needed real sleep in our own bed. I sat up with Luke between night feedings and set up a solo game. He peed during it constantly while sleeping and I had to stop play many times, but I remembered that first feeling just like in the hospital of not wanting to take my eyes off him. And here he is already a year old (next week) and I can’t believe how much has changed. Stop moving so fast life!


Too Many Bones, just enough Baby.


My two favorite people in this whole reality.

Next post will hopefully not be two years apart, but who knows. Luke if you are reading this years in the future than by now I’m sure you already know I wasn’t cool or conventional, but I love you and your mom very much son.

2 thoughts on “Poogly, I am your Dada

  1. Gary says:

    Well done son. Don’t stop your writing or any of your other long held aspirations towards creativity. Your imagination has always been boundless and full of surprises.
    You are an awesome dad, father and husband which compliments Meg as you have already extolled and I agree. Lucas is in good hands with all the best qualities of Mom and Dad.

    Well Done
    Love Dad

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jamie says:

    To my Son; Jacob Benjamin!
    I remember when You were turning one!
    The years do fly by, so cherish EVERY MINUTE; the good, the bad, the scary, the…well, you get it: all of them!
    I love you & Megan and thank you both so much for creating my first Grandchild; Lucas Harlan! He’s perfect in every way!
    Love always,


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