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Many of my friends and family have caught on to my growing habit of board gaming. When I refer to board gaming I am referring to modern board and card games, not the classics such as Monopoly, Uno, or Scrabble (although I still enjoy a cutthroat Parcheesi match with my wife Megan). Modern board gaming has been steadily on the rise in popularity over the past decade or two (perhaps longer) with varieties in theme and mechanics that can apply to many tastes.

Back in High School my mom presented my cousin with a copy of Carcassonne, which was my first exposure to modern board gaming, as well as the origin to the popular gaming token known as the Meeple. We played that game together several times with the whole family and that was when I began to enjoy tabletop gaming for all of its advantages and social stigmas. For me tabletop gaming is one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling social interactions I know, after eating and one other thing. A full table of friends and family dropping cards, rolling dice, moving miniatures, cracking jokes, is to me one of the best ways to enjoy my free time.

My wife Megan and I live in Dover, NH with our Boston Terrier Ruby. We indulge in many things other than board games. Megan enjoys crafting, spending time with her horses and whipping up delicious treats in the kitchen. I relax by reading and watching science fiction and fantasy, writing fiction, and miniature painting as well. I spend the majority of my time as a machinist for a window company.

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